Founded in 1990, Sandalwood Securities, Inc. is an experienced fund of funds manager specializing in multi-strategy credit.

Sandalwood identifies, analyzes, invests in and monitors niche alternative investment strategies and leading hedge fund managers implementing such strategies. These strategies consist of various fundamental value, event driven, debt-oriented strategies including distressed securities, high yield, capital structure arbitrage, senior bank debt, and loan origination, as well as merger arbitrage and traditional long/short equity.

Sandalwood’s multi-manager, multi-strategy credit investment approach to investing seeks to provide high net worth individuals and institutional investors the opportunity to increase total portfolio return while reducing the risk of a significant loss of capital. Sandalwood seeks to accomplish this by making asset allocations to alternative investment strategies, such as multi-strategy credit, that are not meaningfully correlated to the stock and bond markets.

  • Founded in 1990
  • Experienced professional team with leading Wall Street and educational pedigrees
  • Specializes in credit, distressed and event driven strategies
  • Executes institutional caliber and disciplined process
  • Seeks superior long-term growth with minimal volatility and low correlation to traditional asset classes
Client Service
  • Committed to transparency and frequent communication