Client Commitment

Sandalwood strives for significant transparency with its investors and their advisors.

Client Communications

We believe it is critical to keep our clients well informed. To that end, we are focused on keeping communication lines open and delivering information in various forms to meet the needs of our investors.

Sandalwood conducts a monthly investor conference call during which we present our analysis of the current economic climate. Each month the call generally features a short presentation by one of our fund managers, which allows them to present more detailed information on their funds and investment philosophy. The call is also a forum for questions and answers that we have received from investors.

On the secured portion of our website we provide investors and advisors current and archived:

  • Audio replays of investor conference calls
  • Monthly fund summaries
  • Quarterly exposure reports
  • Quarterly letters

We strive to keep information flowing and encourage you to contact us for any additional information.