Sandalwood Overview
A Long-Term Perspective

The Sandalwood approach to investing originates from a simple philosophy based on an understanding of investment returns from various asset classes over long periods of time.

Equities have been the best performing liquid financial asset for over 75+ years. During this period, equities as measured by the S&P 500 have risen on average approximately 10% per year. However, this appreciation has been uneven as compound annual returns over numerous decades have ranged from as low as .01% in the 1930s to 18.2% in the 1990s. Thus, there is no assurance that the equity like 10% compound annual return will be achieved in any given year or 10-year period. Sandalwood’s goal is to provide annual returns net of all fees and expenses, in excess of the long term return from equities with less volatility, and risk, but greater consistency.

Sandalwood’s Investment Expertise
  • Experienced management in the fund-of-funds industry
  • Long-term track record‚ with consistent returns and low volatility
  • Provide access to a broad range of leading hedge fund managers, including some that are closed to new investors
  • Specialization in multi-strategy credit, distressed and event driven strategies
Methodical Selection
  • Active management with a rigorous manager due diligence and investment process
  • Able to respond quickly to changing market conditions based on fundamental analysis